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German Boso Company Visited Angy

By:admin    Time:2018-08-24

On August 7th -8th, 2018, Mr. Hans-Peter Haug, Vice President of Boso, Germany, and Mr. Matthias Ehinger, Project Technical Manager, visited Angy for a two-day business and technical exchange. Boso will give more technical support through understanding the needs of the Chinese market. Meanwhile, Angy was interested in Boso's new product and expressed the hope to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two companies through more cooperation.

Boso has a history of more than 100 years, its products in Austria and other European countries have strong market competitiveness. Among them, Boso ABI-system 100 can quickly and simultaneously detect ABI, baPWV, cfPWV and other core parameters for evaluation of arteriosclerosis, providing a safer, more accurate and more comfortable non-invasive detection method for medical institutions.

Angy and Boso Company reached a strategic cooperation in 2010 and introduced Arterial Stiffness Measurement System into the Chinese market. The instrument has been unanimously recognized by the Chinese medical traditional market and the market of private physical examination institutions. Its safe and accurate non-invasive detection method has also been highly recognized by hospitals above grade two in China.

During the meeting, the two parties exchanged opinions and suggestions on product brand promotion, marketing, product application and technical exchange. Mr. Hans-Peter Haug, Vice President, affirmed the efforts of our company in the promotion and promotion of Boso brand, and expressed support for our future marketing plan and product localization.

On August 8th, Boso vice president and project technical manager visited Angy factory and had a Boso service meeting. Boso Service Manager said that in order to provide a better customer experience, Angy provides 24-hour after-sales online service to answer questions for customers. Boso vice president gave high praise to the after-sales service department. During the visit to the factory, Angy technicians mentioned to Boso technical manager Mr. Matthias Ehinger that in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, more technical improvements are needed for the products. Mr. Matthias Ehinger said that he will give Angy the largest technical support, and mentioned that the launch of new product will meet more customers' needs. Angy was very interested in the new product and hoped to cooperate with Boso in the near future, introducing new product into the Chinese market and bringing more benefits to Chinese customers. During the two-day business negotiations, the two parties has reached deep strategic cooperation. Boso vice president expressed that Boso will provide the greatest support for Angy’s work in the Chinese market, and hoped that both parties can actively cooperate to promote a more friendly and long-term good relationship in the next cooperation.



General Manager of Angy Product Developing Dept. talking with Boso Vice President





Boso Vice President introduced their marketing model


Boso visited Angys factory



Boso afer-sales meeting


Picture of representatives of both parties